Servant Leaders

The Bible is plain in its teaching about church leadership – each congregation was set up autonomously with spiritual overseers, also known as bishops, presbyters, or elders. Qualifications for these leaders are outlined in the New Testament in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. The Downtown Church of Christ is blessed with very capable men serving in the office of elder.

Our Elders:

  • Larry Adams
  • Judd Adams
  • Bruce Bradford
  • Eddy Lemons
  • Chuck Leslie
  • Rod Leslie
  • Randy McNabb

All Christians are servants, but in the New Testament we find examples of churches appointing men specifically to ensure the work of the church was handled efficiently. These men are called deacons and their qualifications are listed in 1 Timothy chapter 3, beginning with verse 8. The Downtown congregation of the Lord’s church has deacons, who oversee the various works and ministries of the church.

Our Deacons:

  • Jerry Bird
  • Johnny Bowers
  • Randal Kern
  • Dennis McCoy
  • Allen Siddall
  • Charlie Tudor

Pulpit Minister:

George Hulett

Youth/Family Minister:

Rod Leslie

Hispanic Minister:

Rudy Rodriguez


  • Gail Fickle

Visitation Worker:

Gale Hulett


  • Rudy Rodriguez